David Mickler

19 September 2018

This month we are pleased to announce that Resilient Peace Partner the University of Western Australia has launched the Africa Research and Engagement Centre (AfREC). The Centre produces research, teaching, training and other collaborations with partners to address sustainable development challenges and responsibilities and to strengthen wider Australia-Africa relations. 

The Centre drives innovative and ethical collaborations between Australia and Africa – a dynamic and diverse continent of 55 countries and 1.3 billion people – and draws upon the
important knowledge, ideas and experiences of the growing African-Australian communities.

AfREC ensures its work has appropriate impact on society and policy through ongoing consultation with key stakeholders in academia, government, industry, the notfor-profit and community sectors and via regular public engagement events.

Based in Perth, Australia’s ‘gateway’ with Africa across the Indian Ocean, the Centre helps to build a wider constituency for Australia-Africa relations by deepening research and education partnerships and creating new opportunities for engagement between the two continents and their peoples.

The Centre will work with multiple industries and research areas including agriculture, mining, geology, law, public policy, political science and international relations, international development, environmental science, engineering, archaeology and heritage, population health, anthropology and sociology, biological science, history and economics.

The Centre underpins the UWA Africa Engagement Strategy and supports the Africa-related work of the University’s flagship Institutes including:

  • UWA Institute of Agriculture
  • UWA Oceans Institute
  • UWA Public Policy Institute

Key networks and partners:

  • Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN)
  • Worldwide Universities Network
  • Global Africa Group (WUN GAG)
  • Matariki Network
  • African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)
  • Organisation of African Communities in WA (OAC)

For more information

112 Arts Building, UWA Perth campus
Dr David Mickler, Director

Download the flyer

Africa Research and Engagement Centre (AfREC)

Authors: Mickler, D.
Institution: University of Western Australia

Published: September 2018

[PDF, ~1MB; click to access]


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Title image credit: University of Western Australia

About the Author

Dr David Mickler

Dr David Mickler is a Senior Lecturer in Foreign Policy and International Relations in the School of Social Sciences at UWA. He is also the Founding Co-Chair (with M. Ramutsindela) of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Global Africa Group. His research sits at the intersection of International Relations and African Studies.

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