How Resilient Peace is funded

Resilient Peace is supported by combination funding totalling £33,663, which is made up of the following:

  1. A grant from the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) Research Development Fund (RDF); and
  2. Matched funding from our Partners.

About the WUN RDF

WUN re-invests a significant proportion of its membership subscriptions to foster international collaborative research. The RDF is an annual competitive fund aimed at bringing together researchers to undertake innovative, high quality, sustainable research that addresses global challenges. RDF funds may support exploratory research initiatives, targeted workshops, faculty exchanges and the formation of collaborative networks, among other activities. To date, the RDF has invested over £1.3 million into fostering international, interdisciplinary research collaboration.

“The WUN RDF facilitates innovative research and strengthens partnerships within the Network”, said John Hearn, Executive Director of WUN, in July 2017. “Catalytic funding ignites innovative approaches to the world’s greatest challenges to be developed by leading minds across the globe. Since 2009 the RDF has contributed to WUN’s mission of fostering high-quality, relevant and sustainable research.”

In the 2016 Round, WUN dispensed £111,473 to successful proposals. A total of 12 projects were awarded funding for projects that began early this year, joining the 90 existing collaborative research programs engaging over 2,300 researchers and students in the Network. Applications overall last year were of such quality that an impressive 40% of proposals were funded.

The RDF is open only to faculty at WUN member institutions and proposals must be endorsed by the local WUN Academic Advisory Group member.