Resilient Peace Staff University of Leeds Lead

Dr Alexander Beresford is an Associate Professor in African Politics at the School of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), University of Leeds. He joined POLIS in 2011 after completing his doctorate at the Centre of African Studies in Edinburgh. Alex currently edits the Review of African Political Economy and Critical African Studies. He is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Southern African Studies, and is a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Social Change at the University of Johannesburg. Alex’s research interests include: South African politics, authoritarianism in Africa, transitional justice, and neopatrimonial politics. His current work explores ‘resilient authoritarianisms’ in Africa and is focused on South Africa and Rwanda. Aside from this, he is presently preparing a paper on South Africa’s relationship with the ICC.

Work Packages


Consolidation of available research and materials on resilience in peacebuilding


Designing and writing materials to establish future grant applications


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices, to be fed into future grant applications


Dissemination and communication

Institutional Affiliation