The University of Bristol is the lead institution for Resilient Peace. The Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol is a multidisciplinary centre and has an excellent track-record in research funding and publication in the area of conflict, security and development. The coordinator and Principal Investigator (Ana E. Juncos) has a long standing experience in collaborative and interdisciplinary projects and will be able to ensure the smooth coordination of the project. She will be supported by the project’s Co-Investigator (Gilberto Algar-Faria), who also has extensive experience in managing consortium-based projects.

Participating Team members

Dr Ana E. Juncos

Dr Ana E. Juncos is the Principal Investigator and Consortium Consortium Coordinator for Resilient Peace. She is a Reader in European Politics at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol, and the Principal Investigator of the Horizon 2020 project EU-CIVCAP.

Dr Gilberto Algar-Faria

Dr Gilberto Algar-Faria is the Co-Investigator and Consortium Manager for Resilient Peace, and a Senior Research Associate at the University of Bristol’s School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies. He is also the Project Officer for the Horizon 2020 project EU-CIVCAP.

Dr Julia Paulson

Dr Julia Paulson is a Senior Lecturer in Education at the University of Bristol. Her research focuses on linkages between transitional justice, memory processes, education, conflict and peace.

Dr Ryerson Christie

Dr Ryerson Christie is a Senior Lecturer in East Asian Studies at the School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies, University of Bristol. His research focuses on the interaction between local communities, NGOs and the state.

Prof Timothy Edmunds

Prof Timothy Edmunds is Professor of International Security and Director of the Global Insecurities Centre at the University of Bristol. His research addresses issues of civil-military relations and security sector reform.

Work Packages


Consortium management


Consolidation of available research and materials on resilience in peacebuilding


Designing and writing materials to establish future grant applications


Webinar in Perth, Australia, May 2018


Workshop in Accra, Ghana, September 2018


Workshop in Bristol, UK, November 2018


Lessons identified, lessons learned, and best practices, to be fed into future grant applications


Dissemination and communication


Risk, ethics and data protection