Watch our talks

Resilient Peace project members and invited speakers filmed a range of talks on their research in November 2018. You can watch these talks below.

Talks delivered to the Resilient Peace Final Workshop – 23 November 2018, Bristol, UK

Prof Jonathan Joseph (University of Sheffield) – Varieties of resilience

Dr Zainab Mai-Bornu (University of Bath) – Is granting amnesty to the militants a peace making or flawed strategy?

Dr Julia Paulson (University of Bristol) – The rise of resilience in education in emergencies

Dr Guy Lamb (University of Cape Town) – Towards resilient African cities: The peacebuilding imperative

Mr Aime Saba (University of Sydney) – Evaluating structural vulnerabilities and community resilience: Liberia’s Ebola outbreak

Dr Alexander Beresford (University of Leeds) – Is resilient peace possible in a gatekeeper state? The case of Sierra Leone